About us and our name!

Dodo Baby Co., before we found the name, was an idea that bamboo baby sleepwear and clothing could be more affordable, maybe even really functional, and still super high quality! On top of those dreams maybe this more affordable bamboo baby clothing company could be a vessel to give back to the community!? Are we crazy!? - Remains to be seen!

Now, the name! We are based in Louisiana, Cajun Country, and part of our family used the term "go dodo" or "time to dodo" meaning "go to sleep" or "time to nap." Dodo (doe-doe) Comes from Cajun French "fais dodo" [but that means a dance party!] In the early 1900s, in small Cajun communities or neighborhoods, when mama or dada mentioned it was time for "fias dodo" their babies new it was time for them to go to bed! Kids being kids, gave dodo a new meaning, to sleep. 

Our children know what dodo means and sometimes our toddler asks us to go dodo or informs us it is time to go dodo and that is all because his Mimi used the saying early on and it stuck! So, the dream was given a name, Dodo Baby Co.